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Platform to invest predominantly in long-term care (LTC) portfolio of assets

Early Stage and Other Holdings

Life Sciences


HC2’s Pansend Life Sciences Segment Is Focused on the Development of Innovative Healthcare Technologies and Products
  • Oncolytic viral immunotherapy for treatment of solid cancer tumors
  • Completed sale to Janssen Biotech, Inc. (Johnson & Johnson) for up to $1.04 billion (2Q18); $8m total investment
  • Dermatology company focused on lightening and brightening skin
  • Founded by Pansend in partnership with Mass. General Hospital and inventors Dr. Rox Anderson, Dieter Manstein and Dr. Henry Chan
  • Entered exclusive distribution agreement with Huadong Medicine
  • Over $20 billion global market
  • Contact device sold to physicians to treat brown spots of the skin with the potential to treat other indications)
  • Robotic spray device sold to physicians to provide full body skin lightening/whitening
  • Company with unique technology and device for monitoring of real-time kidney function
  • Exclusive commercialization partnership with Huadong Medicine
  • Current standard diagnostic tests measure kidney function are often inaccurate and not real-time
  • MediBeacon’s Optical Renal Function Monitor will be first and only, non-invasive system to enable real-time, direct monitoring of renal function at point-of-care
  • $3.5 billion potential market
  • Successfully completed a key clinical study of its unique, real-time kidney monitoring system on subjects with impaired kidney function at Washington University in St. Louis. (1Q17)
  • Company with unique knee replacements based on technology from Dr. Peter Walker, NYU Dept. of Orthopedic Surgery and one of the pioneers of the original Total Knee.
  • “Mini-Knee” for early osteoarthritis of the knee; “Anatomical Knee” – A Novel Total Knee Replacement
  • Strong patent portfolio
  • Profitable technology and product development company
  • Areas of expertise include medical devices, homeland security, imaging systems, sensors, optics, fluidics, robotics and mobile healthcare
  • Located in Silicon Valley and Boston area with over 90,000 square feet of working laboratory and incubator space
  • Contract R&D market growing rapidly
  • Customers include Fortune 500 companies and start-ups


HC2 Broadcasting Holdings

Capitalizing on Over-the-Air broadcast opportunities
  • HC2 Broadcasting Holdings Inc., a subsidiary of HC2 Holdings, has strategically acquired broadcast assets across the United States
  • HC2’s broadcast vision is to capitalize on the opportunities to bring valuable content to more viewers over-the-air and position the company for a changing media landscape