Core Operating Subsidiaries




One of the largest steel fabrication, modeler, detailer and erection companies in the U.S.

Offers full suite of integrated steel construction and professional services

Core Financial Subsidiaries




Platform to invest predominantly in long-term care (LTC) portfolio of assets

Early Stage and Other Holdings

Life Sciences


HC2’s Pansend Life Sciences Segment Is Focused on the Development of Innovative Healthcare Technologies and Products
  • Oncolytic viral immunotherapy for treatment of solid cancer tumors
  • Completed sale to Janssen Biotech, Inc. (Johnson & Johnson) for up to $1.04 billion (2Q18); $8m total investment
  • Dermatology company focused on lightening and brightening skin
  • Founded by Pansend in partnership with Mass. General Hospital and inventors Dr. Rox Anderson, Dieter Manstein and Dr. Henry Chan
  • Entered exclusive distribution agreement with Huadong Medicine
  • Over $20 billion global market
  • Contact device sold to physicians to treat brown spots of the skin with the potential to treat other indications)
  • Robotic spray device sold to physicians to provide full body skin lightening/whitening
  • Company with unique technology and device for monitoring of real-time kidney function
  • Exclusive commercialization partnership with Huadong Medicine
  • Current standard diagnostic tests measure kidney function are often inaccurate and not real-time
  • MediBeacon’s Optical Renal Function Monitor will be first and only, non-invasive system to enable real-time, direct monitoring of renal function at point-of-care
  • $3.5 billion potential market
  • Successfully completed a key clinical study of its unique, real-time kidney monitoring system on subjects with impaired kidney function at Washington University in St. Louis. (1Q17)
  • Company with unique knee replacements based on technology from Dr. Peter Walker, NYU Dept. of Orthopedic Surgery and one of the pioneers of the original Total Knee.
  • “Mini-Knee” for early osteoarthritis of the knee; “Anatomical Knee” – A Novel Total Knee Replacement
  • Strong patent portfolio
  • Profitable technology and product development company
  • Areas of expertise include medical devices, homeland security, imaging systems, sensors, optics, fluidics, robotics and mobile healthcare
  • Located in Silicon Valley and Boston area with over 90,000 square feet of working laboratory and incubator space
  • Contract R&D market growing rapidly
  • Customers include Fortune 500 companies and start-ups


HC2 Broadcasting Holdings

Capitalizing on Over-the-Air broadcast opportunities

HC2 Broadcasting Holdings Inc. is the broadcasting subsidiary of HC2 Holdings, Inc. As of January 4, 2021, HC2 Broadcasting operates 229 broadcast television stations. In addition, HC2 Broadcasting has approximately 210 silent licenses and construction permits. The total HC2 Broadcasting footprint, including construction permits, covers approximately 130 U.S. markets, including 34 of the top 35 markets across the United States and Puerto Rico.

  • HC2 Broadcasting Holdings Inc., a subsidiary of HC2 Holdings, has strategically acquired broadcast assets across the United States
  • HC2’s broadcast vision is to capitalize on the opportunities to bring valuable content to more viewers over-the-air and position the company for a changing media landscape